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 DNA Paternity Testing Services

The Park Clinic  DNA Paternity Testing Service provides a discrete, professional service and guides you through the paternity testing process with as little fuss as possible.  We give you the most technologically advanced, accurate and reliable DNA testing service at a competitive price.






We have provided a Paternity Testing service for over ten years and are equipped to look after all types of family parenthood tests. 

We only use the extremely precise DNA test and do not compromise accuracy by using inferior ABO blood group tests.

We have listed some of the questions often asked by people who ask us to look after their paternity tests for them - the questions and the answers are on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page - you can reach it by pressing the FAQ's button.

The Downloads button will take you to a page where you can download all of the paperwork that you will need to apply for a DNA test to a Microsoft Word file.  The Links button will take you to a page where you can access other websites with information about paternity tests, your rights and responsibilities as a parent, the Irish Statute Law covering paternity tests and some organisations that can offer help.

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Telephone   Email info@paternity.ie
International +353 1 285 3666
National: 01 285 3666
Local: 285 3666
Fax   Address The Park Clinic Paternity Services
International +353 1 284 0740  The Park
National: 01 284 0740 Cabinteely
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